IQ Test Result

IQ 106
47 / 60
03/19/2023 16:43

Congratulations Caro!

The IQ Test you have done uses the original Raven's Progressive Matrices. They measure the domain of general intelligence: They measure logic, the ability to reason clearly and to grasp complexity, as well as the ability to retain and reproduce information patterns, sometimes called reproductive capacity.

Above all, take into consideration that the average of the standard IQ is set at 100 for historical reasons. The Test that you have passed is designed so that the average result of the candidates is 100. Then each candidate, according to the result that he obtains, can compare his result to the statistics of different parameters.

This IQ score is an estimate. Your score may change depending on your form and the conditions under which you take the Test.

Detailed analysis

Distribution of IQ in the world population

You are in the 35.00% of the smartest people in the world.
You are smarter than 65.00% of the population.

IQ average by age group.

You are in the 50.00% of the smartest people of your age range (18-39). You are smarter than 50.00% of the people of your age range.

IQ average by study level

You are in the 53.00% of the smartest people of your study level (More than 5 years studies degree). You are smarter than 47.00% of the people of your study level.

IQ average by study field

You are in the 58.00% of the smartest people of your study field (Math and Computer Science).
You are smarter than 42.00% of the people of your study field.

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